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人工知能を意味するAIは、artificial intelligenceの略で、知能を模倣するというのが本来の意味です。あくまで知能の模倣であり知性に置き換わることはできません。したがってAIは兵器をより非人間的なものにすることはできても、人類の知性の結晶であるはずの平和を紡ぎだすことはできません。

一方で、筆記具は人の感性を受け止め、それを文字や絵、色などに表現することで、知性を活性化させます。知の目覚めの橋渡し役を担い、人の知性を文化にまで引き上げる役割を人類の歴史のなかで担ってきたのです。activate intelligence すなわち『知性の活性化』こそが筆記具という事業の本質です。




Thank you very much for continuing to choose Pentel for your writing and art products.

Writing instruments are generally categorized as consumer goods and commodities due to their lower price range. However, since ancient times, writing instruments have played the role of a cultural and educational tool that fosters and activates human emotion and intellect. Because of this, I think that writing instruments are the epitome of a cultural asset of humankind.

The original meaning of AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is to imitate intelligence. AI is only an imitation of intelligence and cannot replace intelligence. Therefore, while AI can make weapons more inhumane, it cannot cultivate peace; something that should be the ultimate embodiment of human intelligence.

Meanwhile, writing instruments draw from human emotions and express them in the form of written text, drawings, colors, etc. to activate human intellect. Through the history of humankind, writing instruments have played a role in bridging the awakening of wisdom and raising human intellect to the level of culture. To “activate intelligence” is the very essence of the writing instruments business.

The writing instruments business, as it has always been, is essential to humankind and must be passed on as a sustainable business for eternity. I think that this is the mission of Pentel.

The pen must be mightier than the sword and more compassionate than AI. With this mindset and pride, Pentel will continue to move forward hand-in-hand with people all around the world.

Tomokazu Takahashi
President & CEO